Commercial Property Tax Loans

Property Tax Loan FAQs

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Loan Programs

Are loans available for any type of property?
Tax Ease loans are available for any type of real estate for which property taxes are levied. This includes residential, commercial, investment properties, and land, developed or undeveloped. The property must be reasonably well maintained.

I have several properties. Can you make me one loan for all the taxes I owe?
We can often combine properties located in the same county in a single loan. One of our loan officers would be happy to discuss this opportunity with you.

May I get a loan for current and delinquent taxes from past years?
Yes! A loan from Tax Ease will pay off both current and delinquent taxes, penalty and interest charges, and any fees charged by a tax authority in connection with a lawsuit filed to collect past due taxes.

If I have an existing loan from Tax Ease, may I be approved for another loan for this year’s taxes?
Absolutely! Customers in good standing are eligible for either loan modifications to add current taxes to existing loans, or a separate loan.

Are loans available for taxes on personal property?
No. Tax Ease does not offer loans for the payment of personal property or federal income taxes.

Is your company licensed?
Tax Ease is licensed by the Office of Consumer Credit Commission.

How are your loans secured?
Our loans are secured by a transfer of the lien on your property already held by your taxing authority. This lien automatically attaches to all property on January 1st each year.

Application Process

How can I apply for a loan from Tax Ease?
Our application process is quick and easy. You can apply online or call our office and speak to one of our loan officers. The process takes only about 15 minutes. We are ready to assist you.

How much time is required for approval?
Most loans are approved within 5 business days of receiving a completed application.

May I be approved for a loan even though I’ve had credit problems? What about bankruptcy?
Loans are approved for applicants with a broad range of credit histories. Credit challenges or a low score will not disqualify you for a Tax Ease loan! While prior bankruptcies are not a problem, a pending bankruptcy may prevent approval.

What materials are required for the application?
We will need a copy of your mortgage statement and a means of verifying your income prior to approving your loan.

When will my taxes be paid?
Taxes will be paid following the state required 3 day waiting (rescission) period.

Loan Terms

What are the terms of a loan from Tax Ease?
Loans from Tax Ease are repaid over terms of up to 10 years in reasonable monthly installments. We will work with you to determine the term.

Are there any out of pocket expenses?

Repaying a Tax Ease Loan

How will I make my monthly payments?
You may pick the payment date that is best for you. Most borrowers execute an ACH agreement authorizing direct debit of their checking account.

Will my property be foreclosed upon if I am late or miss a payment?
Foreclosure can be initiated when a loan is delinquent. This process is codified under Texas state law. Notice of default and an opportunity to cure will be provided, but if the default continues, foreclosure proceedings can be started in order to collect the outstanding debt. We work closely with our customers to resolve delinquencies and foreclose rarely.

May I prepay my loan?
Yes, and you may also make extra payments to lower your balance and pay off your loan faster. There are no prepayment penalties on residential loans.

Who will service my loan?
All our loans are serviced by our staff in our office. Our team is easy to reach by phone or e-mail and ready to help you.